The Deez Biryani

What better can be from getting a wonderful yummy Biryani delivered at your doorstep and that too from such a renowned brand Deez.IMG_2889

The special Pakistani Biryani and the Special Vegetarian Biryani were the ones we chose to try as these are their best sellers. Well prepared and ensuring that the amazing flavors of Biryani stay intact, Deez makes sure to serve their customers the best and fresh food. The Biryani were packed in the traditional way and were delivered in Hand is. Although mistakenly they forgot to name them, but both of them were very good. One had potatoes while the other had paneer into it, along with the other veggies.

We personally liked the Pakistani Biryani, which had rice along with Sindhi herbs, spices, potato, tomato and whole green chilies was served along with the gravy. The perfect blend of flavors to make sure you get the authentic taste.IMG_2888

Deez has been in the industry for so many years and thus it makes sure to maintain its brand and quality. Although now it has become a little difficult for them as the market is now flooded with new entrants, but the loyal customers of Deez have not been affected at all. But they should definitely try to improvise their packaging. 

Keep up the good work with lovely Biryanis!


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